nXr optimally integrates note taking, library and citation tools

How nXr supports you?

Remove citation/

Cite accurately based on notes/images.

peer-review process

Share all notes/images for validating them with the manuscripts side-by-side


Guide research group literature review in a cooperative knowledgebase/journal club; automatic sharing of cited materials

nXr connects all
stakeholders for
better research


  • Collect notes/images quickly with custom comments/tags at any time from anywhere.
  • Cite directly based on notes & images for accurate & unambiguous citations in research manuscripts.
  • Share all the cited materials to mentors/reviewers for accelerating peer-review.
  • Search and filter notes/images in the library.
  • View articles, notes and images in three separate tabs in library.


  • Get the access of the cited notes and images from the authors to peer review their manuscripts.
  • Validate the writing of a research manuscript with the cited materials side-by-side without leaving the document.
  • Link-out to the references directly from the manuscripts.

Research Group Leaders

  • Automatically integrate all research group members’ literature review and annotations in an individual user – group switchable knowledgebase/library.
  • Introduce new student or researcher in the library with a click.
  • Guide students/researcher article collection by introducing article grouping labels related to the group research objectives.
  • Automatic sharing of cited materials to group members when the research manuscript is shared.
  • View group annotations, share articles in the group and access group “Latest Read” with a click.

Research Publisher

  • Accelerate quality peer review by making cited materials available to the reviewers.
  • Provide journal readers a better reading experience by showing the cited materials in the published article.

Features that take your referencing tasks to the next level

Note instantly
  • Collect images/figures and text with tags and comments while browsing
  • Collect notes from any web article (e.g. reagent webpage ) to build a comprehensive knowledge-base for manuscript writing
  • Predatory journal website alert
  • View and align notes automatically in articles when they are visited again
  • View group annotations by maintaining privacy
  • Share articles while browsing with automated emails
  • Access Read it Later, Latest Read and Recommended Article (upcoming) while browsing
  • Article information autofill and save PDF
  • Convenient multi-label article grouping
Intuitive library
  • Search and browse notes and images besides articles
  • Switch between your library and group library with a click
  • Automated seamless integration of research group literature review in one knowledge -base ​
  • Access the group knowledge-base by maintaining privacy​​
  • Add new group members in the knowledge-base for a strong jumpstart
  • Keep the knowledge-base intact when a member leaves the group ​
  • Multi-label filtering of article/notes/images for easy find​
  • Get more using less storage space and cost​
  • Search web for articles and Email alerts (upcoming)
Cite intelligently
  • Cite based on notes and images besides article titles​
  • View the citation and cited notes/images side-by-side
  • Access entire single user or group library  for citation, never leave your manuscript while citing​
  • Automatically share cited titles, notes and images with your mentors/group reviewers​
  • Allow journal reviewers to view cited notes and images​
  • Support citation in any journal format
  • Synchronise and update your library database without leaving the manuscript
  • Search web article and cite (upcoming)

So, why wait? Take your literature

review and referencing tasks to the next level with