Do things for better research with nXr, which can never be done with traditional reference managers and citation tools

nXr integrates note-taking, reference manager and citation tool

Write well-substantiated manuscripts with no quotation or citation errors

Fast-track writing assessment or peer-review

Write effectively from a broader knowledge base

Write research manuscripts faster

nXr connects all
stakeholders for
better research


  • Collect quotes/images quickly with custom comments/tags at any time from anywhere.
  • Quick searching and filtering of articles, quotes and images in three separate tabs in the library and citation tool.
  • Cite directly based on quotes/images, provide citation intent and more for writing well-substantiated research manuscripts with accurate and unambiguous citations.
  • Share all the cited materials with mentors/reviewers for accelerating peer review.


  • Get access to the cited quotes and images from the authors to peer review their manuscripts.
  • Validate the writing of a research manuscript with the cited materials side-by-side without leaving the document.
  • Link out to the references directly from the manuscripts.

Research Group Leaders

  • Automatically integrate all research group members’ literature review and annotations in an individual user–group switchable knowledgebase/library.
  • Add new students or researchers in the library with a click.
  • Guide students/researcher article collection by introducing article grouping labels related to the group research objectives.
  • View group annotations, share articles in the group and access group “Latest Read” with a click.
  • Automatic sharing of cited materials to group members when the research manuscript is shared.

Research Publisher

  • Accelerate quality peer review by making cited quotes/images, citation intent, and more available to the reviewers.
  • Provide journal readers with a better reading experience by showing all the cited materials in the published article.

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